6 New Trends In Children’s Birthday Parties That You Need To Get Onto

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You may not like to admit it, but throwing a child’s birthday party can be a competitive sport. Your kids are probably always telling you why ‘so and so’s’ party was more awesome than theirs. Perhaps you and your mum frenemies are always trying to outdo each other at planning the most unforgettable kiddie celebration. If you on the lookout for something original, that will have everyone talking for months (and that won’t break the bank either), read on!

Girl Power parties

There was a recent trend in pamper parties and disco divas, but sticking girls into the pink girly corner is getting a little bit cliché. What is new is empowering female parties, with strong role models and super.

Powers and adventure. Little girls love to dress up like Supergirl, Wonder Woman, or the Power Puff Girls. Even characters like Dora and Peppa Pig are independent women who know what they want. Think costumes, jumping castles, scavenger hunts, and piñatas, the more adventurous the better.

Vintage activities

Old school is new again. Think high tea in the backyard, with a range of vintage style lawn games such as quoits, bowls or croquet. You could also add some easy homemade favourites such as ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’ or ‘What’s the time, Mr Wolf?’ Expensive play centres are all well and good, but party-goers seem to be preferring the organic backyard party once more, and your only limit on what you can do with this is really your imagination.

Cooking or Craft

Learning to cook or make something to take home with them is a big hit with little ones these days. A bit of mess is always a winner, and kids really love the responsibility and creativity that goes with following some simple steps to making something that is all their own. You can also skip the goody bag if you want to, as you can send guests home with their own cupcakes and cookies, or homemade fairy garden or journal.

Interactive food

Think pub buffet, but cooler. Set up a station where guests can build their own food and eat it at the same time, such as cupcake or donut decorating, an ice-cream sundae corner, or make your own pizza or tacos. A lolly buffet is a great way to do this simply, and you can get large quantity candy from warehouse outlets easily and cheaply (plus you can eat any leftovers yourself!).

DIY photo booths

You can of course rent a photo booth, but why would you, when you can just make your own? Set up a station with props and costumes, a couple of seats, and a cool backdrop, and let people take photos of themselves. You can supply a polaroid or some disposable cameras, or get parents to take pics and then post them to a private page for your child’s birthday.


One recent problem with kid’s parties has been overkill, or trying so hard to best other parents that it just becomes a conceptual and practical mess. A better idea these days is to pare it right back to one simple theme or idea, and then do that well. Pick on great activity and build the party around that. If you plan too much the kids will just be overwhelmed, and no one will remember the day fondly.

Try a focus piece like a jumping castle or inflatable slide (or water slide!). You’d be surprised how kids will never get sick of just one awesome idea and will keep coming back for more. As the first supplier parents turn to for reliable jumping castle hire in Adelaide, we have seen this many times over.

Still looking for inspiration? Even try to remember way back to when you were a kid; what made birthday parties great back then? What were the ones that you couldn’t stop talking about long afterwards? Talk to your children for ideas and be true to yourself and you really can’t wrong.

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