Considering Jumping Castle Hire? Read our Inflatable Safety Tips for Parents

Hoping to hire a bouncy castle in Adelaide for your next family function? While having a castle, inflatable slide or another type of fun activity at your event guarantees fun for all involved – safety should always be a priority.

There is no team more serious about safety than the experts in bouncy castles in Adelaide than Jump First.

Here is what they would like every parent to know about jumping castle hire and hosting the perfect safe inflatable event.

The friendly team who bring your inflatable and set it up are incredibly well trained, and know exactly what they are doing. They know how to use the equipment and also what location and weather conditions are safe.

If they recommend putting the inflatable in a different spot to the one you had in mind, this is probably for very good reason.

When they lay out the basic rules of the inflatable, including one person at a time, no shoes and several other (very easy to follow) guidelines – listen to them. They are not there to be the fun police, and you aren’t some kind of cool rebel if you ignore the rules – you are just a nitwit who is likely to hurt yourself or someone else.

If your event is in a public place such as a park, or the general public are being invited to attend such as at a corporate event or school fete, your friendly expert will stay and supervise the inflatable.

When our experts stay with the inflatable, it is really to operate and look after the inflatable, not to make your kids behave. Supervising your children and making sure they look after themselves, respect each other and follow the rules is your job as the parent or the host.

Most times for private events, the inflatable can be set up for you, and then the friendly experts will leave you to enjoy your event. This sort of enjoyment is only guaranteed if you listened to them when they explained the rules, and if you make sure that everybody follows them for the duration of the party.

We require that a person over 18 supervise the activity on the bouncy castle at all times. We will instruct this person on how to operate the inflatable and all the rules of having fun and keeping safe.

As well as being very well trained and carrying public liability insurance, we do everything we possibly can to maintain our incredible safety standards.All equipment is manufactured, operated and maintained in accordance with the Australian Standard which is the most comprehensive standard in the world. Jump First Jumping Castles always operate within the requirements of Safework SA. Our castles are inspected annually in accordance with Australian Safety Standards. Jump First Jumping Castles always put safety first.

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