Five questions you need to ask your jumping castle hire company before the big day

Few people make a regular habit of hiring jumping castles; chances are, it may be the first time you have looked into hiring a jumping castle for your event.

Everybody does know about the fun that they offer guests at their party or event, but not much else about picking the right supplier.

If you are seeking something unique and memorable for your event in Adelaide, choose jumping castle hire. But how to choose? To help you out, we’ve highlighted five questions you should ask your company before the important day arrives.

1. Are you experienced?

Ask your supplier how many events they have done, and what specific events they specialise in. Some are great at big festivals or carnivals, but may lack the one to one service and care needed for a first birthday party. You want someone who has a variety of jumping castle options, knows their way around all of them, and won’t get lost finding your venue on the day.

2. Are you fun?

A surprising number of people who work in the events industry don’t have much of a sense of fun. You don’t necessarily want ridiculous pranksters setting up your jumping castle, but you do want someone who is going to bring an air of ease and enjoyment to the day. You will be stressed enough setting everything else up; hire someone who will be nice, normal and friendly in their professional manner, and just get the job done right.

3. Are you insured?

This is a very important question. While of course we hate to consider the idea that anything could go wrong, you want there to be the right amount of insurance coverage on the off chance that something does. You need a company with sufficient public liability insurance, plus product insurance for any damage to your property. You may also want reassurances that they are not going to just pull out on you on the day. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and any good hire company will be happy to show you proof of this.

4. Is my event important to you?

Your event is likely a one of a kind celebration, and of vital importance to you and your guests. Sometimes its also very important to your business success. You want the contractors you hire to have the same sense of focus and dedication to the event that you do. You want them to listen to your requirements, pay attention to details, and deliver the goods on the big day.

5. Are you affordable?

This is an area where you get what you pay for. Jumping castles and other inflatable party equipment can be awesome, but they must be done right. The products themselves must be clean and in perfect condition and must be completely safe for your family or guests. The staff putting your equipment together must be trained and good at what they do. You shouldn’t cut corners here, because the safety factor is too big a concern. You want your event to be memorable, but for the right reasons. Don’t skimp on quality here.

There are probably many more questions we could recommend asking (making sure the hire staff wear pants is a good one), but this is just meant to be the start. For the best quality jumping castle hire in Adelaide, check out our team today.

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