How Jumping Castle Hire in Adelaide Can Bring Screen Free Happiness

Whether a party has 10 people, 5 people, or involves just you and your kids – an inflatable jumping castle or water slide hire can bring so much happiness to your family.

It is easy to get stressed out by the constant barrage of bad news we receive through social media or via the internet. Inflatable fun has been around for decades, but now more than ever it brings an old school joy and simplicity to a special day, or even a regular day.

Because it is always a good time to bring happiness to your kids and remember how important it is to still have fun. And it’s the perfect time to turn off the screens and give your kids some outdoor, fresh air, screen-free enjoyment.

Here are some reasons why water slide hire Adelaide is good for everyone right now.

Get some exercise

Bouncing on a jumping castle or splashing and sliding on an inflatable water slide provides a fantastic form of exercise for your family. If your kids complain about going for walks or being sent outside to play, this is a great option – they are getting some much-needed exercise without even realising how healthy this is for them!

Great for mood and mental health

Being outside and moving around in the sun and fresh air is incredible for mood and mental health as well. When kids spend too much time indoors and on screens, it affects their mood and their ability to relate kindly to others.

Have you ever noticed that your kids get really testy when they’ve been on their screen for a while and you try to get them to turn it off? Spending time on a jumping castle or water slide is the complete opposite experience.

They let off steam and burn off energy – and they will be lovely and tired by the end of the day.

Helping with sleep

And while we are happily making our kids tired – a day spent on a jumping castle or a water slide is guaranteed to help your children (or anybody who has been bouncing!) sleep much more restfully that night.

Spending a long time on screens wakens up the eyes and the brain, and the later in the day you spend on a screen, the harder it is to wind your body down for the night. Playing outside and on an inflatable brings a gorgeous happy tiredness and helps the body to relax more naturally for a restful sleep.

Because a special day should always be special

Hiring a jumping castle creates a special occasion out of an ordinary day – and boosts a birthday even if you aren’t planning on throwing a party for your child. Your child is precious, and their birthday is a big deal, so whether you have guests or not, hiring an inflatable still makes their big day a big deal – which it should be.

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