How to make your work function so much better with jumping castle hire

If your office is in Adelaide and you are in charge of planning the next work function, mostly because you missed the meeting where it got assigned, then we have some good new for you. This task doesn’t have to be as tedious as you thought, and you are not the unfortunate soul who is going to throw the least attended work day in history.

On the contrary, we can help you put the ‘fun’ back into function with our awesome jumping castle hire in Adelaide.

Work functions don’t have to be all sales forecasts and seriousness

Even if this is a staff only day, a jumping castle could be a great idea to shake things up a bit and get creative juices flowing. If you are having an annual planning day, a national conference, a staff teambuilding day or more, this is a wonderful addition to what would normally be quite straight-laced and boring.

For use to help with ice-breaking, or to wake people up again in between seminars, or to help them chill out at the end of the day, there are many moments in a staff day that could be livened up by jumping castle hire.

Our inflatable slides and obstacle courses are perfect for teambuilding days and encourage communication, problem-solving, strategising and most of all, fun.

Work family days have never been better

If you are throwing the Christmas party or annual company family day, then inflatable fun for the kids is almost a no-brainer. No one’s kids want to go the work function, but if you arrange for jumping castle hire or one of our other popular inflatables, the kids will be kept busy for hours.

The adults at the function will be far more relaxed and everyone is likely to stay a lot longer – all of which will look very good for you as the organiser.

Just because

Many workplaces are realising the benefits of surprises and treats for their hardworking staff, such as drinks on Fridays, or a random food truck van here and there, but you can take this concept to the next level.

Jumping castle hire with Jump First Adelaide is seeing a boom in bosses renting an afternoon of inflatable fun for their staff, just because. Good staff morale is one of the key ways to reduce sick days and encourage good staff to stay longer with your business, and simple ways to keep people happy are essential.

Imagine the looks on your employees faces when they get invited outside mid-afternoon to find a jumping castle has magically popped up!

At Jump First we believe that inflatable fun should be available for everyone, and you are never too old or educated to let your hair down a little bit. If you have been delegated as the next organiser of the work function, contact us today for more ideas about what we can do for you!

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