How to Throw a Great Covid friendly Kids Party

You may have had to postpone, or even cancel a few important celebrations during 2020. This year we come prepared for big celebrations. Even if your invite-list is limited, the celebrations are sure to be grand. We have some great tips for keeping everyone safe without cutting out the fun. In fact, you may find some of these pandemic party trends are here to stay even after restrictions have left.

Here are our top 7 covid-friendly birthday party trends.

1. Host Your Party in a Bounce House

If you are not comfortable having all your guests traipsing in and out of your house, move the party outside. A bounce house, jumping castle, adventure castle, or pub marquee are the perfect setup to keep guests enjoying themselves outside and limiting indoor access. Ideally, let the guests in through an outside entrance so they don’t have to go through your house to get to the party area.

The great thing with jumping castle hire is that it is waterproof, sun-shaded, and does not require a supersize backyard. There is no need to let unpredictable weather spoil your fun.

Besides keeping guests in outdoor open spaces, the advantage with a jumping castle is that the equipment is thoroughly sanitized before and after use by a professional team. Save yourself all the trouble of sanitizing your home, and let the experts take care of an outdoor bounce house for you.

Gone are the days where everyone’s grubby fingers dig into the same bowl of sweets and popcorn. Make-up an individual snack box for each guest with their very own party treats. Boxes or party packets can be themed according to your party or individualized with each guest’s name on the box.

2. Cookie Souvenirs

A popular pandemic-friendly party trend is to provide the kids with a pre-packed themed cookie or mini-cake to take home. Edible birthday celebration souvenirs will have your guests enjoying the party well after they left. Not only do your guests feel special and appreciated but you won’t have 10 little hands trying to grab a piece of cake at the same time.

3. Activity Boxes

Keep birthday party activities separate and safe by packing a themed box of craft projects, games, skipping rope, or yo-yo. Remind the children to keep their goodies together in their special individual box for safekeeping.

4. Themed Masks

Keep safe by supplying custom-themed facemasks for your guests. Alternatively, ask each guest to wear a home-designed mask that suits your theme. Another great option is to include mask-making items in each child’s activity box. Make the first activity of the day a mask-making extravaganza.

5. Glamping Party

This is a fantastic do-over if you had to cancel your camping trip in 2020. A glamping party offers each family a small tent with a cooler bag of snacks, bean bags, and a blanket. Spruce it all up by setting up a large outdoor movie screen in your garden.

If it’s a hot day, choose a water slide from the Jump First selection and have it set up in your garden. The slides are sanitized before and after use. Let the kids each have a turn one at a time to enjoy the slippery fun. Since each family has their own tent the kids can change clothes in their private change rooms or take a little afternoon nap before the movie starts at dusk.

6. ‘Bring Your Own Picnic’ Party

A simpler alternative to tents, is to set up a picnic spot with a blanket for each family. You can also ask all your guests to bring their own blankets and a cooler bag with their favourite snacks. It can be hard to cater to a variety of allergies and preferences, so asking guests to bring a family picnic basket for their kids can make things a lot simpler.

Set the garden up with balloons, themed décor, signposts for each family’s picnic spot, and a small gift for each guest.

7. Single Servings

If you are catering for a themed party and have an amazing line-up of party snacks you would like to display, keep the items in single-serving portions. Not only is this super trendy, but it’s pandemic-friendly too. Great items for doing this are cake pops, mac ‘n cheese in a mug, mini quiches, cupcakes, pre-packaged mini wraps, fruit cups, and wrapped ice-cream lollies. Decorate the cups, packaging, or food toppings according to your theme.

There is no need to let the pandemic ruin a fabulous party celebration. With a bit of creativity and planning, there are many solutions to limit contact and keep everyone safe. Let the party begin!

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