Ideas on Making Jumping Castle Even More Fun!

Birthday, graduation, barbecue – no party is complete without a jumping castle. Not only does it ensure loads of fun for the kids in a party but it also keeps them busy which prevents them from wreaking havoc around your house. So, jumping castle hire – is something you should definitely put on your checklist for a party.

Kids just can’t get enough of jumping castles. Now, they are pretty fun as they are. But who says you can’t make them even more fun? With a few simple ideas and a bit of creativity you can make your party an unforgettable experience.

Here are some ideas on making jumping castles even more fun:

1. Water Themed Jumping Castle

It can get pretty hot during the summer in Adelaide. And all that jumping can get pretty tiresome in the scorching heat. But there’s a fun solution for that. Grab a hose and let it rip inside to turn the jumping castle into a mini water park. The kids will love slipping and sliding all over while staying cool as well.

2. Musical Statues

Playing musical statues inside a jumping castle is a great way to enhance the fun. All you need is a music system.

One of the kids will face the wall and wait for the music to stop while the others bounce. Once the music stops, he or she faces the other kids and anyone seen moving at that point is out. This may seem simple at first but remember that they are in a bouncy castle. So, they have to take extra caution. And that’s what makes it even more exciting.

3. Dodgeball

There’s something about dodgeball that kids can’t get enough off. Now, add a jumping castle in there and you have a masterpiece for fun. Trying to hit each other with soft balls while tripping and stumbling around inside the jumping castle will provide loads of excitement to the kids in your party.

This will also create an opportunity for your kids to get some physical exercise and sharpen their reflexes.

4. Tag

Tag is the most basic of party games. But tag in a jumping castle is a whole different story. Tossing and tumbling around while trying to tag others just isn’t as boring and bland as normal tag. The kids in your party will absolutely love it.

A little bit of creativity can make jumping castles much more meaningful and fun than just jumping aimlessly. Just try out any of these ideas and kids will love you for it.

Safety Precautions

The chances of someone being hurt in a jumping castle is close to zero. But even that should not be enough when it comes to kids. Make sure whatever activity you’re planning regarding jumping castles are executed under strict adult supervision.

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