Safety tips for using bouncy castles

Most of the bounce houses are made from inflammable materials (vinyl). There’s a blowing machine that supplies air into the unit too. Therefore, both the blower and unit should be kept away from fire hazards, such as Barbeques or Heaters. Party organizers should keep sharp objects very far away from the unit as well.

General safety measures when using castles

  • Do not allow kids to enter the castle with their shoes on.
  • Allow kids to put on socks
  • Don’t let children overcrowd the bounce house. Larger units may hold up to 15 kids while smaller ones may hold between 4 to 8 kids.
  • Whenever you sense a problem, evacuate kids as your first priority.

Safety measures when holding a party outdoors

If you’d like to hold the party in your backyard, ask the bouncy castle hire company for the best type of installation to suit your yard. Big Metal Stakes pegged into the ground are best to anchor the jumping castle. In some instances heavy sandbag weights can also be used where installations on hard surfaces such as driveways or courtyard areas are the only option. The safety of your children is something you cannot ignore. Therefore, observe the above points on safety and your kids will have a great time playing on bouncy castles.

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