Seven fun-filled reasons to hire a jumping castle this summer

If you thought that just because Christmas was over, the partying has to stop, boy were you wrong!

Throughout our Aussie summer there are a whole bunch of reasons why you should throw a shindig, and about a hundred excuses to rent a bouncy castle from the best team in Adelaide. Here we have listed the top seven for you.

Birthday parties

If you are planning a birthday party for sometime in the New Year, for child or adult, then a bouncy castle is your best bet. This idea is different to the average party that everybody has seen before, and you can locate it in a park or your own yard if there’s room. Your guests will never want to leave!

Family reunion

Summer always has a tiresome family get-together that you have to go to; why not make it so much better with the addition of jumping castle hire? Warning that you may need to keep an eye on some guests, particularly drunk uncles, or anyone over seventy really, this is tons of fun for everyone else.

Staff development

Why not use the slow period in January while all your customers are napping, to schedule in a staff development day at work? Chances are your staff are all wandering around at work a bit aimless and thinking about brushing up their resumes; why not use the time to reignite their passion for the job?

Book a fun day for your staff to do skill-building activities and help teach them to think outside the box, by hiring a bouncy castle in Adelaide.

Australia Day

What is more Australian than bouncing around inside an inflatable castle? Seriously though, when you really have no idea quite how to celebrate the national day, hiring a bouncy castle or a huge inflatable slide for your event is a great idea.

Celebrating waterplay

Choose one of the hottest days of the season to have a Celebrate WaterPlay Day. Hire one of our fantastic water-themed items, such as the waterslide or waterpark, have other activities surrounding it, including sprinklers, slip and slide, or an epic water balloon fight. Again, so much entertainment, for both adult and child guests alike.

By the beach

If you are planning an awesome day out at the beach for a large group, then consider hiring a bouncy castle to locate on a grassy patch nearby. For any guests not into sand and surf, or any littlies a bit nervous about the waves, you will offer the coolest alternative in town.

Just because

If the school holidays seem to be stretching on forever, and you are clinging to your last ounce of sanity, maybe band together with a couple of families and hire a castle, slide or inflatable cubby house for a day of play? The kids will all love it, and you only really need one adult supervising; you can take it in turns while the other parents sit in the shade and have a chardonnay.

You really don’t need an excuse, but Adelaide’s incredible long summer days are reason enough. Why not come up with an event and then check out our website for our hiring options today?

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