Seven Reasons Why Water Slide Hire is a Great Idea With Kids

Water slide hire is something that we might think of for a summer birthday party, but there are so many more reasons why this is such a fun thing to do.

It is a simple and easy way to please a crowd of any age and is especially good if you are holding an event or get together where children need to be entertained.

This is such a wonderful investment for the day. Children never seem to get tired of it, and it allows the grown-ups at an event to linger for a longer time knowing that the children are settled.

Water play isn’t just fun, it’s also really good for physical and mental health too. A water play activity, such as water slide hire in Adelaide, puts such a happy and positive spin on any kind of event, not just those that are water-focused or directed at children.

7 Reasons Why Water Slide Hire is a Great Idea With Kids

  1. Having a water play activity such as an inflatable water slide helps kids to practice their water safety skills, helping them to stay alert about water safety as well as becoming more attuned naturally to how to act confidently around water.
  2. It can help with their self-confidence, both in interacting with other children during play and also in their belief in their own strength and ability.
  3. It helps them with social activities such as waiting for their turn, sharing something with other children and considering other people’s feelings.
  4. It helps them to get active, encouraging children to get in some of the required amounts of physical exercise they need every day (as well as encouraging healthy screen-free time).
  5. Events and parties for older children more often than not centre around indoor activities such as games arcades or the cinema. Having a water slide party instead is no more costly than taking a group of kids to an arcade, and provides a more original and healthy option.
  6. Playing in water is a lovely sensory activity that can help children to regulate anxiety and other emotions, helping them to calm down or centre themselves.
  7. Plus, the physical exercise and getting out into the fresh air and sunshine (with sun protection!) are also incredible for mental health.

Why not plan to throw a water play themed birthday party or back to school event soon, and hire a supercool inflatable water slide from the best hire team in Adelaide, Jump First? It’s a wonderful way to have fun as summer comes to an end and also a great way to get to know new school families and friends.

Your kids will love it and you will be a hit with parents too!

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