Top Five Common Mistakes in Jumping Castle Hire

If you are looking for jumping castle hire in Adelaide for your next birthday party, fete or the work Christmas do, don’t make the most commonly made mistakes. As the foremost provider of jumping castles in Adelaide, we have seen it all, and know what not to do.

We have put together a super quick and incredibly helpful list of the most common mistakes people make when hiring jumping castles in Adelaide (or in any city really).

1. Choosing the cheapest provider

With jumping castles, they may cost slightly more than you think they will, and you will find that there is a lot of variance in price.

This is one industry where you really don’t want to go with the cheapest provider. A well-priced provider is more likely to:

  • Be licensed and insured
  • Take proper care and storage of their equipment
  • Have newer, better and more sound equipment
  • Have more advanced technology
  • Have more experienced and better paid staff

Jumping castles are awesome fun, but if they aren’t safe or you go with a cheaper option you could just end up ruining your event instead.

2. Choosing the biggest castle

Bigger isn’t always better with jumping castles, no matter how impressive the bigger ones look. At Jump First we always recommend the best inflatable for your needs, not just try to upsell you a bigger model to impress your guests.

The right inflatable will depend on your budget, the size and shape of space you have to locate it and much more.

3. Not selecting the right inflatable for your audience

Our jumping castles and other inflatables are all suited to certain ages and age ranges. To choose the best one for your party, and the one that will get the most use and the best rave reviews, you should consider your audience.

If you haven’t thought too much about this don’t worry, we can discuss what you need and come up with the right suggestions.

4. Not talking to your jumping castle expert about your needs

And along these lines, make sure that you talk to your provider about what you need. Not all jumping castle hire companies are great at customer service; some don’t really like to talk all that much at all. Have a chat to your provider and make sure that you ask all the questions you need to, and get answers that you understand. Make sure your expert takes the time to know what you need. They should be able to give you advice and recommendations.

You probably aren’t an expert in inflatables, but that’s ok. We are, and we are happy to talk about it!

5. Not listening to guidelines around safety

When you hire a jumping castle or any inflatable equipment, there are safety regulations. These aren’t just for giggles, they need to be followed. This includes the age and number of people on at a time, wearing shoes etc. We aren’t the fun police, we are here to make sure you have an awesome, but safe time.

Stress less and have a great party with Jump First jumping castle hire in Adelaide.

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