Unique Baby Shower Ideas

Baby showers and gender reveal parties are all the rage these days, and seem to get bigger and more extravagant.

Games, decorations, catering and more – if you are planning a baby shower for yourself or a close friend then we have our Top 7 Unique Baby Shower Ideas from the experts in jumping castles in Adelaide, Jump First.

Not just for the Ladies

Baby showers have often just been for the expectant mum and her friends, but why shouldn’t dad’s friends celebrate too? Make the invitations more gender neutral and make sure everyone knows that the food, drinks, and games will be suitable (and fun!) for everyone.

Tea Party

If you are going to stick with the ladies only, why not go as girly as you can, and have an old fashioned tea party? There are some wonderful businesses in Adelaide that will cater and even bring in full teasets and crockery for you to use for true authenticity.

Gift Registry

Not just a really sensible idea for weddings, a gift registry makes things easier for everyone for a baby shower as well (especially if this isn’t the first child.) This way you know you are giving the parents exactly what they need for their gorgeous little arrival.

Fun for Older Siblings

Baby showers have traditionally been focused on adult activities, but there will almost always be children coming along as well – make sure you look after them too! Hiring a small jumping castle in Adelaide is an easy idea to keep older siblings entertained for hours.

If you are inviting dads as well they will love a jumping castle too – trust us!

Pamper party

Instead of the impending arrival being the focus of the party, let’s pamper the mum-to-be. Arrange for a baby shower in a day spa with massage, facials, manicures, and pedicures for the mum – she will love this and totally deserves it.

Group Gifts

Instead of lots of little gifts, why not get the guests to combine funds and get something truly helpful, such as a cleaner or meal delivery service arranged for the first six months?

Another helpful idea is for everyone coming to the party to arrive with a casserole or meal that can be frozen and used during the first couple of weeks after the new baby arrives.

Arts and Crafts

Get out the fabric paint and text as and invite guests to decorate plain bibs and onesies for the baby. You’ll be surprised what creative artists are hiding within the group of guests. You could also invite guests to decorate their own baby-themed cupcakes or cookies as well – these make great take-home favours.

For more ideas for any party you’re trying to plan, keep an eye on our blog. The experts in jumping castles in Adelaide have great some awesome tips and suggestions for any kind of celebration.

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