Why you should get bouncy castle hire in Adelaide for your grown-up party

When we think of jumping castle hire it is usually for a kid’s party, but this really doesn’t need to be the case. Getting a bouncy castle for your next grown-up event is actually a really good idea.

To entertain children

If you are having an adult-centric function, hiring an inflatable castle is an easy way to entertain any kids that come along.

If you are planning a work event, a family reunion, a Christmas function or for something like a 40th birthday party, unlimited jumping castle rides is an awesome way to keep the kids busy and give the adults a break.

Grown-ups very often know that bringing children to an adult do will result in bored kids. This may stop your grown-ups from staying very long, or even coming in the first place, so one sure fire way to make your event a success is to cater for the children as well.

To entertain adults

Even if there are no children invited to an event, bouncy castle hire in Adelaide is wonderful for throwing an awesome grown-up party. Surprisingly, it really entertains the adults. Grown-ups love to reconnect with the child within them and will always appreciate a bit of old-school fun.

Any event with a tiny bit of alcohol served at it will guarantee grown-ups on a jumping castle, although we don’t recommend combining a lot to drink and copious jumping.

Some great functions that can be made better by the inclusion of a bouncy castle include:

  • 21st birthday party
  • University open day
  • Staff teambuilding or planning days
  • Conferences
  • Weddings

They can be fantastic in situations where you would like people to break the ice and loosen up a little, either to mingle better or to get their creative juices flowing for brainstorming.

To be different

Hiring a jumpy castle will not only make your party or function more of a success but will make it more memorable. If you are throwing an event you want it to be a crowd-pleaser, particularly if it’s an annual or repeating event that you want to build momentum about for the next time.

If you are holding a launch for your brand or running an industry convention this can be a very cool way to stand out. It is an excellent way to get buzz going about any work functions or staff days you have coming up.

And it’s not just jumping castles either.

While a bouncy castle might be the most common inflatable hired it is by no means your only choice. You could also go with a giant inflatable slide, and obstacle course such as rock-wall and gauntlet of ‘bumpers’, or even a water-fun zone.

You are really only limited by your imagination and the gumption of your attendees, and they have always got more gumption than you think.

Think outside the box for your next grown-up event and make it a guaranteed success.

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