Summer is here: Five supercool reasons for Water Slide Hire in Adelaide

Actually, these aren’t just good reasons to hire a water slide in Adelaide – they are good reasons for water slide hire anywhere. But our business is in water slides and jumping castle hire in Adelaide – so that is where our expertise lies.

Even though we don’t shiver through the snowy winters of the Northern Hemisphere, Aussies generally aren’t big fans of the cooler months. You have probably begun to feel some sun on your skin recently – yep, summer is coming, and we think that is a good excuse for a party.

I’m sure these reasons for having a ‘Summer is Coming’ will work anywhere in Australia right now.

Five supercool reasons for Water Slide Hire in Adelaide:

Because you finished your spring cleaning

Once you have finished your annual massive spring clean and thrown out the hard rubbish or trekked everything off to be donated, celebrate your new clean house with a party!

Invite friends and family over to bring ‘Spring Clean-warming’ gifts to fill all the spaces in your home where the rubbish and clutter was.

For the kids

Hire a water slide or jumping castle to pop in the backyard and keep them entertained for hours

Because you want to get some friends around for a working bee

Now the weather is getting warmer you have probably got some working bee-type jobs around the outside of your home and in your yard. Need your gutters cleared and the fence painted, maybe a new pergola put up? Throw an impromptu working bee.

Then arrange for water slide hire as a reward and to cool off and freshen up after the work is done. They will forgive you instantly for putting them to work in the first place!

Daylight savings has started

Early in October Daylight Savings kicks in, and everyone suddenly gets a big reminder that longer days and balmy evenings are on their way. Throw a party to celebrate, and of course, hire a water slide as part of the entertainment and activities.

Blowing the dust off the BBQ party

With the warmer days and long summer evenings coming, it’s time to blow the dust off your BBQ. Don’t just do it quietly – have an entire ceremony to welcome your BBQ back from its long service leave.

Have a get together with your closest friends, some favourite cuts of meat, plenty to drink and some fun entertainment, for example, some inflatable fun from the experts in water slide hire in Adelaide – Jump First.

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