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How to have an eco-friendly birthday party

For a long time, parents have been trying to outdo each other in the children’s birthday party stakes.

And the kids would quite honestly would be happy with a plate of fairy bread and a pinata that doesn’t take a chainsaw to break.

More recently, parents are starting to chill out a bit again, recognising the benefits of minimalising a birthday party, having fewer lollies and sweets, fewer presents and more organic and old-fashioned at-home fun.

We are also looking for ways to reduce our waste-lines when throwing a birthday party. Check out this great list of tips for how to throw the perfect eco-friendly birthday party, from the experts in parties and water slide hire in Adelaide, Jump First.

Water Slide Hire Adelaide

This may sound weird, but an inflatable water slide is one of the most eco-friendly games you can hire. They use a minimum of water, much less than you think, and the water can be recycled on your lawn or in your garden. If your grass is looking very dry, this could be a great reason to incorporate a water slide into your next party.

Skip the Plastic

We understand that disposable plates and cups are about a billion times easier for a kids’ birthday than washing dishes – but plastic doesn’t have to be your only option. Choose paper or bamboo disposables, or those that are made from already recycled products, and then make certain that you recycle everything again.

Skip the balloons, plastic decorations, and cheap plastic toy prizes, and go for recyclable decorations such as paper lanterns and bunting.

No Party Bags

The loot and lolly bags that get sent home from every child’s party are kind of a pain for everyone. The extra sugar coming home with the little guest probably isn’t really needed, as is the crappy gimmicky gifts that just end on the floor or tossed in the trash.

Skip the loot bags and go for a take-home gift that will really be used and appreciated. We love creative ideas such as decorating cookies or cupcakes to take home or making artworks or painted rocks to send home with the kids. This doubles up on party games and take-home treats as well.

Get into Nature

Use a birthday party as a great way to encourage modern kids to get unplugged and into nature. Get them outdoors, in the fresh air and sunshine, running around and enjoying some exercise.

Throw the party in a local park or in your own backyard and use nature as the theme of the party. Have games such as a scavenger hunt through the garden or a nature-themed bingo card to spot mini-beasts and other interesting things in the yard.

A great way to liven up a nature-themed party is to get everyone outdoors in an inflatable such as one of our bouncy castles, obstacle courses or water slides.

For other party tips or any advice you need on water slide hire in Adelaide, check out our other blogs, or feel free to get in contact.

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