What’s Hot in Kids’ Parties for 2019

Planning a special birthday for one of your children in 2019? Check out this list of birthday party trends for 2019 from the best crew for jumping castles in Adelaide, Jump First.

Throwing a kids’ birthday party can be a little stressful, for a number of reasons. You have to worry about the weather, about dietary considerations, and why doesn’t anybody know how to RSVP anymore?

But if you have cool kids, you need to be on trend with your party ideas as well. You can’t throw a birthday party that is so last season… Your kids would be mortified! Check out some of our favourite trends in party ideas for 2019.

Fiver Parties

This is actually a really good idea. A Fiver party is when every child brings instead of a gift, a card with a five dollar note in it, which is used to go towards one big ticket item that the birthday child is saving up for.

Simpler for the parents of guests who don’t have to go shopping, as well as great for cutting down on waste, both of money and in gifts that go unappreciated and never get played with. If your child is saving up for a bike or electronic item that would normally break the budget, this is a great way to make everyone happy.

And because you as the parents aren’t forking out for the big-ticket gift, you can put some money aside for something impressive for the birthday party – such as hiring one of the coolest jumping castles in Adelaide!

Go Big with Balloons

Balloons have been a staple of birthday party decoration forever, but they have kicked it up a notch for 2019. No longer will it be enough to buy a packet from the supermarket to blow up yourself, balloons are taking over as enormous structures, works of art, garlands, archways and more.

You don’t have to have a balloon party as such, but to be on trend should be incorporating balloons into the décor of whatever theme you have gone with. Gigantic fruit sculptures or ice-cream cones, jungle animals, palm trees, flowers, dinosaurs and more can all be crafted from balloons.

You can also go with huge balloon numbers celebrating the age your child is turning, or even spelling out the birthday child’s name in big balloons.

Arty Parties

Getting kids creative at your child’s birthday party has been a winner for a while, but parents are always coming up with new and interesting ways to incorporate art into the party.

You could set up a long table with canvases and all of the paint, glitter, trimmings etc that everyone needs to make their fairy princess or unicorn picture. You could set up for everyone to make their own slime, bath bombs, decorated flower pot or more to take home as their party favour – no more lolly bags, Yay!

Another idea we love is chalk drawing. Get all the guests drawing pictures on the cement in your driveway or backyard, or perhaps paint a wall with chalkboard paint for all of your little partygoers to make own giant mural.

For more ideas about the latest in party trends, talk to the friendly team behind the best jumping castles in Adelaide. When you stick with this team, you will always be on trend.

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